Membership to Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance (ATCA) provides a platform for Tribal Governments, Village Councils, Alaska Native Corporations and Tribal Conservation Districts to have a stronger voice in working to increase funding in Alaska for subsistence agriculture.  ATCA strives to represent its members by identifying and addressing natural resource priorities for subsistence, economic and social needs, while promoting sustainable development in the respective districts.

Benefits of ATCA Membership include (may vary according to Membership type):

  • Right to have voting delegate at ATCA’s Annual Meeting
  • Early-bird and Discounted Registration Rate for ATCA events
  • Access to premium online content (Symposium presentations, ability to comment on ATCA content, digital state-wide directory of all stakeholders, etc.)
  • Monthly Organizational Spotlight of an ATCA Member
  • Seasonal Newsletter
  • Quarterly Project Updates from TCDs
  • Annual Report
  • Notice and Access to Professional Webinars
  • Downloadable organizational development resources

Annual ATCA Membership is purchased on behalf of an entire organization. All Tribal Conservation District (TCD) Members are entitled to have a designated delegate to serve as a voting member at ATCA’s Annual meeting. TCD Membership dues must be current before voting delegates will be allowed to vote. The designation of the delegate who shall represent the TCD at ATCA’s Annual Meeting must be submitted in writing from the TCD and shall stand until ACTA is notified in writing by the appointing agency that an alternative delegate is named. Please note, Tribal and Corporate Membership to ATCA does not confer voting rights.