About the Tuyuryaq Tribal Conservation District

Togiak has unique, awesome sunrises. Our village is on the coast and residents depend on salmon for commercial and subsistence purposes. Our land provides precious resources like the lack(crow) berries. Our land and waters are pristine with available fish and wildlife. We would like the next generation have the same privileges as our resilient ancestors who depended on our renewable natural resources.

Bristol Bay Region, Village of Togiak including Twin Hills, AK, Ahklun Mountains, Togiak River/Lake, Togiak Bay, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, Round Island Walrus Sanctuary.

Our mission is to mission is to restore, protect, and preserve the traditional, subsistence lifestyle of the Yupiit people.


Environmental Assistant

P.O. Box 310
Togiak, Alaska 99678-0310


PHONE  (907) 493-5821
FAX        (907) 493-5005


Board Members

Jimmy Coopchiak - TTCD Chair, Togiak Natives Limited
P.O. Box 150, Togiak, AK 99678
(907) 493-5845 email: tnl_2011@live.com

Teodoro Pauk - TTCD Co-Chair, City of Togiak
P.O. Box 190, Togiak, AK 99678
(907) 493-5820 email: teopauk@yahoo.com  

Helen Gregorio - TTCD Secretary, Traditional Council of Togiak
P.O. Box 310, Togiak, AK 99678
(907) 493-5144  email: helenaq56@yahoo.com

Peter Lockuk, Sr.- TTCD Treasurer, Traditional Council of Togiak
P.O. Box 310, Togiak, AK 99678
(907) 493-5003email: plockuksr@gmail.com