About the Prince of Wales Tribal Conservation District

The  Prince of Wales- Tribal Conservation District  encompases Prince of Wales Island- Southeast Alaska including Craig; Craig Tribal Association; Hydaburg; Hydaburg Cooperative Association; Klawock; Klawock Cooperative Association, Tribe; Kasaan; Organized Village of Kasaan and Prince of Wales Island & surrounding island along with waterways are included.

Our POW-Tribal Sea Otter Commission is similar to our TCD. Our unified efforts are pushing towards effective co-management with Northern sea otter. We accomplished this by applying for and receiving funds to create a Tribally authorized co-management body. We begin effective communications with US Fish & Wildlife Service; outreaching & educating our residents on the Marine Mammal Protection Act and we co-hosted a POW Sea Otter Conference.



 Environmental Planner

Dennis Nickerson

Box 26-Kasaan    
Ketchikan, AK 99950-0340

907-542-2230 (work)
907-617-9952 (cell)



Board Members